pvc crypto developments

PVC Crypto Since 2021

PVC Crypto (PVCC) is a revolutionary Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake Blockchain designed to function as a robust Global Payment System, for the PVC Crypto ecosystem. Development of PVC Crypto started in late 2020 and has gone couple of iteration since.


TBA 2025 - Development of Community wifi project - Status: proposed
TBA 2024 - Development of PVC Crypto Wallet APP - Status: pending
TBA 2024 - Awaiting listing on top coinmarketcap listed exchange - Status: In Progress
january 2024 - car rental company using pvc crypto as payment
November 2023 - PVC Crypto Listed on coincheckup.com
September 2023 - Purchased computer hardware using PVC Crypto - Status: Complete
August 2023 - PVC Crypto Listed on monedas.com
August 2023 - PVC Crypto Listed on blockspot.io


August 2023 - PVC Crypto Listed on coinmooner.com
August 2023 - PVC Crypto Listed on coinmooner.com
August 2023 - PVC Crypto Listed on livecoinwatch.com
July 2023 - PVC Crypto Listed on Coinpaprika.com
July 2023 - PVC Crypto listed on Xeggex.com

Based in the Seychelles, Xeggex.com is a centralized exchange that does not require a key. Low to medium market capitalization bitcoin assets are Xeggex’s area of expertise.

Their primary objective is to ensure that trades, withdrawals, and deposits operate as quickly, effectively, and securely as possible. Users of Xeggex can create liquidity pools between any asset that is listed on the site.

With Xeggex, there’s an advantage in that all of the mentioned assets can be coupled with each other without requiring any wrapping to another blockchain. Additionally, there is no cost associated with the add and remove liquidity functions because there is no on-chain transaction fee. In addition, Xeggex provides some of the lowest withdrawal fee rates in the industry; these rates are determined by actual network costs rather than by profit-making. Tokenized assets and a wide variety of blockchains are supported by Xeggex, and we add new ones every week.

June 2023 - Proof of Work to Proof of Stake Switch
January 2022 - PVCC Web Wallet Version 1 - STATUS COMPLETE

This web wallet allows PVCC users to hold their PVCC online without the need of downloading a software or specific hardware.

October 2021 - Themis Coin Release - STATUS: COMPLETE

The Themis coin is a physical coin or physical wallet which hold the users private and public key.

July 2021 - PVCC First Block - STATUS: COMPLETE

PVC Crypto was created and the first block was created. PVC Crypto was cloned from the Litecoin Source Code