The PVCC PVC Crypto Proof of Work Desktop Wallet is not available, we are in the process of migrating all our PVCC PVC Crypto Legacy Coins (Prof-of-work Version) to the new Proof-of-Stake PVCC PVC Crypto once all Legacy PVCC are replaced with the POS PVCC we will release the POS Version of our Desktop wallet. If your desktop wallet looks like the image below you are running the Legacy Desktop Wallet, you need to move all your PVCC to our web wallet at and perform a deposit. A video on how to do that will be posted here and other social media channels.

Legacy wallet


Our Proof-of-Stake PVCC PVC Crypto Desktop Wallet will be available on this site for download on July 30th 2023. Once the POS Desktop Wallet is release you can start moving your PVCC PVC Crypto to your Desktop wallet for long term safe keeping. Holding your cryptocurrency on your own wallet with access to the private key allows you to have sole control and responsibility fro your PVCC. You can send them to other compatible PVCC Desktop Wallet or directly move your PVCC to Crypto exchanges such as Xeggex Exchange.



Please take note that sending PVCC Legacy Version to PVCC POS Version or vice versa will result to the burning or loss of your PVCC. To learn more about PVC Crypto you can check out our listing on or from our social media channels on the bottom of this page.