PVC Crypto (PVCC) is a revolutionary Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake Blockchain designed to function as a robust Global Payment System, for the PVC Crypto ecosystem. As we continue to work toward building a solid online payment solution that is available globally, everyone is welcome to join the PVC Crypto community.


Send PVC Crypto Almost Freely, Anywhere in the World

You may send PVC Crypto to anybody, anywhere in the world, at any time of day, 365 days a year, with PVC Crypto. Similar to the Internet, the network is constantly operational. No transaction is ever too little or large. And you never require the consent or endorsement of anybody.

We designed PVC Crypto with simplicity in mind, no need for expensive mining devices, and complicated software to download. All you have to do is to download the PVC Crypto Wallet and fund your address with PVC Crypto and your coins will be staked in the PVC Crypto Network automatically without any need of further configuration or setting.

PVC Crypto Ecosystem

Due to the open-source nature of cryptocurrency, anyone can participate in developing the PVC Crypto Ecosystem. As an independent developer, you can develop your system and use PVC Crypto as an electronic payment for goods and services. The success of PVC Crypto depends on individual developers and participants of the PVC Crypto Ecosystem Globally.

Freedom All Around the World

PVC Crypto is an open network with no permissions. It gives you the freedom to interact with people in a non-intrusive way. It is non-aggressive, consensual, and decentralized. New ideas will flourish and outdated power systems will crumble as consumption increases. It might contribute to the world witnessing its greatest peaceful revolution to date.

Decentralized Development

The future is secure when numerous autonomous development teams provide software implementations. PVC Crypto is resistant to political and social attacks on protocol evolution. It is not under the jurisdiction of one project or group. Redundancy from many implementations helps maintain the network’s 100% availability.

Change requests that need to be coordinated between development teams can be submitted on the pvccrypto.com website. It is advised that developers work cooperatively with other developers and pursue early peer review before making any changes to the PVC Crypto protocol.



PVC Crypto is available for purchase via our community, you can reach our early adopters via the PVC Crypto Facebook Group or Telegram Channel. Please note that Peer-to-peer transaction and cryptocurrency in general are final and beyond the control of any organization or entity.

Crypto Exchange

PVC Crypto is sold by PVC Crypto users via the Xeggex Crypto Exchange, you will need top have USDT or BNB as all transactions are for PVC Crypto are done with cryptocurrency only.

PVC Crypto Staking

When you hold your PVC Crypto on a Desktop Wallet your coins are staked automatically and your network participation is rewarded with more PVC Crypto based on your contribution to the network.