PVC Crypto is a proof of work cryptocurrency which aims on developing an ecosystem that facilitates the peer-to-peer transfer of PVC Crypto Coin. Our goal is to make PVC Crypto accessible, simple, and backed by Gold – for everyone to participate in this global marketplace. With PVC Crypto Ecosystem you can send PVCC  to any part of the globe.

So what makes PVC Crypto different from all the other cryptocurrencies on the planet? PVC Crypto has a market price and a floor price. The market price is the current selling price of PVC Crypto in the market or an exchange and is determined by the supply and demand. The floor price is the lowest possible price that PVC Crypto can go – irrelevant of the market conditions. This means that your PVC Crypto coin will never go to zero as a lowest possible price is fixed to a certain value.

What – determines the floor price of PVC Crypto? The Floor price is determined by the PVC Crypto gold reserves. Currently, we have a reserve of 3 oz – this gold reserve will increase as we sell more PVC Crypto. You can compare this process to burning but in the opposite way. In burning, coins are removed from circulation which eliminates coins from the total supply – hence increasing the value of the coin. In PVC Crypto every time a coin is sold – 20% of the revenue from that sale is allocated to our gold reserve. Over time the PVC Crypto Gold Reserve will grow in value creating a reliable and effective cryptocurrency that is effectively backed by gold.

So what is our status? Where do we stand right now? Well, our based code is ready but it is in the private repository bitbucket. As soon as development is complete it will be in the public repository GitHub just like any other coin.

Currently, the community can mine PVC Crypto using either the PVC Crypto Rose Miner, or by downloading our PVC Crypto Mining Software. Back in June 2021 we started the PVC Crypto Early Adopter Program, these are the pioneer users and miners of PVC Crypto. All transactions created via mining and by transferring PVC Crypto are available to the public via the PVC Crypto Block explorer – so users can check the status of their transaction. Furthermore we have developed a web wallet which will allow PVC Crypto users to access, send, and receive PVC Crypto using their mobile phone – This will pave the way to the wide adoption of PVC Crypto.

For users who do not want to participate on mining the coin, they can purchase the PVC Themis Coin. This is a physical coin which holds a specific amount of PVC Crypto equivalent to its dollar value. The Themis coin is a cold wallet which holds your PVC Crypto and when you are ready to use your PVC Crypto you can import your coin balance to your web wallet and start sending your coins to your friends or as a form of payment for products and services. Soon we will have the coin listed on different exchanges which will allow mass adoption of the PVC Crypto. We are very excited about the PVC Crypto project and we would like to invite you and join us grow this community and together let us build something great!